Pipe and Drape Rentals in Tampa Florida

Pipe and drape is used for different types of events for example to create a backdrop for the cake or the main table, another use is to cover walls  or create different  sections within a room. Our Comercial Grade Drape is often used to create  booths for trade shows.

Price Starts at $199 

pipe and drape tampa

All of our pipe and drape is commercial grade


How to order pipe and drape.

  • first you need to measure the height of the ceiling or how high you need the curtain/ drape .
  • Measure the length of the space needed.
  • do not order a 10 ft  drape if your ceiling is 9.5ft i will not fit
  • if you are unsure please call us with any questions.


Backdrop Decorations vs Regular Pipe and Drape

Regular pipe and drape

(white) linear feet by adjustable height of 12 ft max.

Backdrop decoration  includes:
Extra fullness.
Color led Lighting
White background drapes / with additional color drapes of your choice.


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